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Otherkin 30 Day Challenge- Day 4: Do you identify as a part of the otherkin, or, therian community?
I identify myself as a part of both.

Otherkin 30 Day Challenge- Day 3: How old were you when you realized you were not "normal"?
What made you realize it?

This is a bit harder to answer. Of course, this stuff had been going on my whole life but I was 12 years old when I finally began to pay attention. At 12 years old, I was figuring myself out (I am 19 years old now and I'm still figuring myself out). I realized it while thinking about my weird animal-like characteristics (gotta love those shower thoughts). At the time, I was only really aware of being a canine as well as the fact that I could be anything I wanted.

I actually didn't have any access to the internet at the time I had started to notice these things, so finding the community didn't occur until around 2010. It wasn't until recently (a few months ago) that I picked myself apart enough (and had the "proper" amount of knowledge built up regarding the occult and similar matters) to find that I am also a demon (which would explain my more polymorphic phase at the beginning when I found the community).

Otherkin 30 Day Challenge- Day 2: Are you out? To whom?
Yes (I really don't like the term "out" when speaking of otherkinity but oh well, I guess).

Most of the people I am out to online are people I met on otherkin forums, so I don't think I should include them in this. I am out offline to my parents (but only about being a canine, I'd probably be plagued with religion if I told them of the demon part of myself). I am also out to a couple of offline acquaintances (who are also otherkin, but I only just told them about being a canine).

Otherkin 30 Day Challenge- Day 1: What is your species?
I am polykin; an Alsatian dog (primarily) and demon.

With the dog 'type: I have a mindset that fluctuates but I also have semi-permanent phantom limbs (meaning: that they don't really go away unless I'm in touch with the demon part of myself and shift to another form).

With the demon 'type: More like an undertone. Has to be connected to in order to get anything out of it. I like to say this part of myself "sleeps". Can shapeshift (non-physically) into anything when in touch with this part. #notalldemons

To find both parts of myself it took the following:

1. Brutal honesty with myself.
2. Reading the accounts of other's who also have my 'types.
3. Reflection.


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